i lost myself

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

please please please
dont ask me what course i am going to take in college
and..am i taking form 6?i still dont know ,so please.

i lost myself,i dont know what course should i take
i dont know which one is suitable for me

i only know maybe IT,maybe Accountancy or business.
seriously i never think about business,but someone advise me to take it
because she said i am very suitable in business
this made me getting deeper and deeper losing myself

i checked IT course,want to be software engineering
the forum about IT course,they keep on asked the young generation dont take it
espacially girl.it just have a good name actually just a mechanical.
we have no times to do everything,and it's on call.
whenever problem come out,we must solve it on the spot
at same time,it means,...we are not 8am-4pm.we are 24hours

i like play games,a like all the things about technology
but it doesn;t means i am suitable to take IT

i really dont know where's my way
i wish to have the robot like doraemon,at least i know which is my future

now,i think i will choose accountancy
i remember when i get into form4.
i wants to be accountancy badly.but when i get in form5,i forgot about it.

i think this is my final decision.
i just want to make the best way for myself.

learning be inventory clerk just to get some experience.
maybe i will choose business course,and this might help me.