boringg lifee

Sunday, 26 February 2012

it's so boring here
everyday gotta get up before 9am.
sleep after 1am

everyday come to office
what am i doing?..
open wifi,then online
or watching pps

what else things i can do?
i bought lot DVDs here,to watch
no exercise at all but i wonder why i will hungry when it's lunch time?
i wish to work with walking around ,here and there..
instead of sitting infront of computer and stick at the chair
the saddest things is i am getting fatter and fatter 
because i cant sweat!
stay inside the office all day long
with air conditioner.
it must be the air conditioner problem if i can sweat 
i fall in love with play the hu la hoop
just because i wanted to on diet soo much !.