what's going on?

Thursday, 22 December 2011

after SPM,everyone busy finding a job
our moumou group had planned to work together
but i dont know why everyone get theirs own
and seperated.

i decided work as clerk with my daddy
going gain a lot weight...

i think i would start my job on january
now i got 3 jobs offered.
all are kindergarden teachers

hey! izzit i am loving?
to teach kids?please kill me

i don't have patience when kids are crying
i think i would throw them out of the house if they started cry non-stop

i'm not smart in teaching
even i teach friends simple things,i would make it into very complicated
cause i like make some example which made people confused

sorry friends that offered me the jobs.
i'm hot tempered
i worried that the kids would scare me

i like to fooling around,i don't like to be serious
i don't like people scare me.

i can't repeat same things for several time,i would mad on it
i can't make it
i cant be a good teacher i think.