P holder!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

it needs alot of luck to get good JPJ pengajar
and today i really lucky enough

he tried to relax me by keep on talking with me
while i'm driving ON THE ROAD

i had mati engine for twice i think
he tought me instead of commenting on me

i'm really glad to met him on my jpj test
he gave me 17/20 ,
i passed

he have a looks like chinese
as i know he got chinese girlfriend and he is malay
he asked me to speak in chinese 
cause he wanted to learn 

and i'm the only chinese girl in the jpj test

anyway,i'm P holder RIGHT NOW!

that makes me excited

is super big news for me
i cant believe it i passed JPJ Test

thanks lot sir,for giving me passed the road XD
i really lack of confident on the road
especially 2nd road
it's so damn hard for me,
i have to change from gear 4 to gear 2 
then change here and there
he taught me all the way,and he gave me passed

finish my jpj i thought i can go home straightly
but,.the van just went out
i have to wait from 1 o'clock until 4 o'clock

i still survive without drinking or eating for almost 10hours
i met new friends who from bahiyah 
we talks lot almost everything
it's really glad to meet them

beside,i met others chinese friends that took 6hours teori and practical
the 1st time i went back with the van full with chinese

the van is just like our car
we laughing,chatting with a loud voices

thanks to the driver
he is very kind ,
he let me down infront of my mum shop
others driver they will let me down on another places,
i have to walk to mum's shop

i can sleep for whole day long finally!
thanks JPJ!