turning into panda

Thursday, 22 December 2011

it's become my routine
sleep at 3am wake up 7am
almost everyday
i ever imagine that i would sleep whole day after SPM
but after spm,i dont get enough sleep

omg,look at the eye bag below my small small eyes
it's getting larger and larger
soon,you would able to see my eyes bag only
no eyes anymore!

i trying my best to learn japanese language
so so so hard to me
i still unable to read their words yet
still cant remember a i u e o..
i thought japanese language should be easier than korean
maybe i over interested with korea,hahaha
korean words are much better than japanese words
cause they don't have much words to remember
very easy!

but i will still continue it learning,nothing is impossible

27th december is the day that we shall meet up japanese interactors
i'm so excited,i'm getting new friends
me and mou mou going to dance joget in malaysia night which fall in 26th december
teaching them too,the best way to get friends
maybe they are not as good as we imagine,
my cousin share her experience with me about that japanese visited their school
she said that they have a really bad behavior
i just wish that we don't meet up these guys/girls
 after Japanese night 27th dec
we will straight go to ann's new house
the first time overnight at friends house
it just like a dream!!
just please please please don't cancel!