Bbye Smk Convent

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

finally spm is over
it's very happy 
no more 6am wake up and rush to school
no more homeworks like mountain on the table
no more revision books increase slowly
no more rush to tuition everyday

no more and no need

but at least it just like our routine
i like the moment when i went to school and play with Mou
i like to asking lots question when i feel boring
i like eat as fast as possible  at behind while teacher is teaching
i like to talk with friends by using books to cover 
i like to sleep and act it like i was studying

omg 5 years
when i was form 1,i telling myself omg still long way to go
i gonna survive here for so long,it's killing
but when i was form 5,i started to appreciate the time that i still student

now everything's gone
i can't meet my friends everyday to chit chat everything

now just the 1st day of freedom 
( this is what everyone called)
i kinda bored...
i feel like living without any target?

now what i can do is..
continue learning deeper and deeper korea language
try to step in japanese language
sleep as much as i can
on diet 
( i ate lots before spm)
get car license
no more?..
maybe 2 or 3 weeks later i will start work 

what a sweet time right now

seriously,i open up newspaper and see the advertisement of college
i started headache ,i don't know what subject should i take
parents keep saying it's too early worry these things because exam just over
i have to worry for 3 don't be silly
enjoy the sweet time you got right now..