fishyy open house

Thursday, 22 December 2011

i changed into new phone for temporary
i think..

suddenly fishhy invited me to her house
and when i asked her who are you
she replied me ,YING

i got 3 friends which got Ying behind
how i gonna know ?

she just tell me the address,then i know it
i must be there,cause just infront of my house
she's in same taman with me!

i wants to play badminton badly,i think she would play with me
she invited my mou mou,but just 3 of us attend her open house party
jiawen,lin en,and me

our little ann,she went to jitra 
it's too bad!

i'm so so so shy to go in there
she come and bring me in

tortoise and lin en 
wear skirt,
i don't have skirt 
it's too bad right?hhahaha

lin en very funny,she stand infront of the house
and ask yuying,
izzit your new house?
of course!
but we decided to lie her this is old house and bla bla bla
to make her blurrr

yuying wear so nice in that day~
pinkyyy girl

she is really pink
not only pink in dress,pink cellphone 
and even the wall paper in the phone also pink

tortoise always the last....

and the..
i made a little girl cry 
felt so guilty to her,jenny i think.

she's just 7 years old naughty girl
her favourite is open the door and close it 
hahaha,they are playing hide and seek i think

she scare of ghost story,i just simply
make a fake story
and sudennly she become quiet..
then wuu...omg
she cried.

sorry jenny :P