come on over 2012!

Saturday, 31 December 2011

everyone in facebook keep on posting
advising their friends don't go to toilet 11:59,because they might get out next year
it's a very creative post.

2011 it's going end.
i walkthrough my SPM forever,that will never turn back anymore
i regret for never appreciate the last year at school with friends
i regret for never try my best to score the marks in exam
there's lot of things i really regret.

therefore,i do feel thankful to my family,teacher,and friends
they accompany me to walkthrough 2011,they gave me lots of couragement

i made lot of new friends recently,but it's so bad that
i dont know how to communicate with them.i'm trying to learn their language
i'm so afraid that they might don't like me.
i have very poor communicate skill.><
so i hope 2012 i can improve my communicate skill better.><

2012,a title of a movie
the end of the world?everyone predicted 2012.
but still we celebrating for the new coming year
maybe it's not going end of the world,but is the brand new world

2012,olympic in london!

i wish i have to chance to watch live!
i love london!

i'm going to nasional service soon
it's gonna be fun there~
don't be sad for going that cause we can't change the fact
just face it positive

hey,look at there M16!XD
that's make me crazy about it
everyday are full with activities,gonna gain lots of experience

i don't know what is my plan in 2012
i just know that i have work harder in this year

so,come on 2012!