Saturday, 10 December 2011

it's yunho & changmin shanghai fan meeting
it's having a happy ending
i'm YJ fans,and there have happened nothing about arguement,fighting
they support their idols by their ways,they supported them peacefully

i really happy when i know about this
Jaejoong reached shanghai yesterday too
there have some rumors about jaejoong went to yunho &changmin fan meeting
which at line 17,he had bought the whole line ticket
until now no ones know the truth yet
also have some about jaejoong was infront of yunho & changmin hotel
perhaps they stayed together?
i do wish they meet up,maybe there would be some good news in 2012

2012 tvxq contract ended ^^

okay , today was jaejoong personal fan meeting
but happened something realy make people down

the fight on the event
Only jaejoong fans slapped YJ fans
they fighting,because of they dont like for YJ fans shoutiing YUNHO
jaejoong have lots of fans bringing green light instead of red
he asked why it's greend not red?
perhaps he wish for red?
red light/sea was cassiopeia sign for tvxq

some fans tear down YJ photo
they slapped,fight,hit,quarrel
why everything of this happened on jaejoong fans meeting
maybe they angry but they don't think about jaejoong's feeling
even we support YJ maybe they are fake or real
we still love them,we don't fight for this non-sense
in tvxq chat room there would be anti-XXX
but in YJ chatroom there have nothing about anti
only about sweet moment
everyone in YJ chatroom are like sisters brothers
living harmony

why happened this?
just because of the fans.

i cried when i know this news , i felt only Jaejoong fans was selfish
everyone do have their own idol,and no ones have right to change it
don't try to change people favourites idol.
maybe the idols we love something different but he still our idols