Friday, 2 September 2011

this coming sunday 
i gotta go to school again
i hate it
the time flew fast when holidays
i spent whole holidays with laptop,sims,novels
oh yeah,i went penang too but it just only a day

i woke up nearly afternoon everyday
i slept at dawn 

this is my holiday 
i wonder when i gonna change it

i'm so not sure with what time i gonna hit the sack tonight
maybe dawn,maybe i gotta become panda soon

i'm not sure

i love McDonald's coffee so so much
finally i get the chance to enjoy it
of course i will grab it

because of that,
it's make me feel so horrible
i went to spec shop check my eyes power 
and it spoil my mood directly

my power from 5.00 to 7.00
oh my god,i admit i looking computer for almost all the time
but it's too far
2 hundred,what i look at it?
i can't accept it
it's too far,out of my expectation
what i gonna do right now?
the power will always go up never turn back
should i throw away my laptop,and tv?
i think my parents gonna band it
they going take away all soon

maybe i should let them take it 
it's so horrible...

i kinda regret for looking laptop too much