am i loser?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

i wonder am i ashame my parents?
maybe sister made them proud
she found her talent,they are proud with it
but no one ever think my feeling

when she cook,i ran away from
they scolded me for never lend a hand to sister
when i helped her
they never see it,maybe it is what i suppose to do

all i know is everything i did,in their eyes is nothing
i have no talent,my choice are wrong

daddy asked to me take account,but i dont
cause i prefer game designer

it's really hurt when they just keep on scolding on what mistake i did
never praise when i do the right thing
i dont cook but doesn't means i don't have talent.
they just show to me,telling me i'm useless

everytime heard inside their voice are really proud with my sister
and indirectly saying me useless
i acted nothing but it really don't mean i don't hurt

maybe i really useless in everyone eyes
i hate my sister
not because i felt parents love her more
she's faker
she like to pretend weak in parents eyes
pretend she's so good to me but i rejected her

she likes people praising her or always motivate her
so she pretend she's so low selfesteem
infront of me ,she acted that too
but i just agree with what she said about how bad she is
not from my mouth,is from herself

why i cant further my study in game design or photograph?
parents don't see it
they don'really care for what i done
maybe i'm so independant

i believe if one day
i do really meet same problem with my sister
they don't do it like what they done to my sister
they find lots school for her,let her choose
if it was me,trust me
they will not care as they care my sister

i am not loser
i don't have to obey what they said
cause even i follow everything they don't really take it matter

i'm so sick with listen to my daddy's story
he told me he is a listener when we need him
but when i need him,i told him
then he just story me his past
now i can memorise it very well about his past

i have show them
i see my way,that is the best way ever