Everything are not simple by their surface

Saturday, 10 September 2011

everything happen now are so sudden
everyone will change by the times
i knew it very  very well
but i didnt go for understand it

theres happen in a group
maybe they giving her lots of chance but for me
she doesn't realize what mistake that she has done

doesnt we need to forgive and forget our friends
i kinda busy body for advising her friends to forgive her
eventhough i know it she will not appreciate this

hey there,she's not my best friends
i don't wish her pay back
cause i dont want to see my friends suffer
friendship are last longer than love
we shall appreciate the friendship that we had

we should tolerate to each other aren't we?
but now so far
i can see they don't even want to give her a chance
they can't take it anymore
i don;t know
maybe she  really make big mistake this time

she deserve to get a chance and forgiveness
yes,she change a lot
as friend,should stand beside her
encourage her,speak to her

i admit ,i don't really understand whole story
but i just thinking in simple way
now just realize it is really really complicated

the things happened in past,just let it past
even you remember it well it just will be a part of your memories
it will never ever turn back
the mistake has already done,it will be there
they only way is just forgive...

it just so so not simple as i think