How to choose?

Thursday, 15 September 2011

spending whole day time for Malaysia day
it is so boring at the middle of assembly
especially when teacher starting story us about how malaysia get independant
our legs are tired for standing almodt 2 hours
teacher are sitting on the chair,so hate it
why don't they let us sit too?
maybe we'll listen to the story,err i mean our country history
i regret to come to school when i becomme one of the student who standing almost 2 hours

finally it's the end of the story
we sand 5 times our merdeka songs
crazy,and it's very tired for always raise and waved the flag there
we repeat it 5 times

rest for just 45 minutes,we are heading to our hall
it's about university and college
they keep on promoting about their colleges
we take here and take there 
and lucky it fit in a bag

i'm so interested with Game design
but the problem here
i don't take arts or ICT

i got another way 
accountancy & finance
i don't really interested it cause it related with lots money
and i'm so careless how i'm going to be?
what if i did wrong,and i'm dead

i really don't know what should i choose 
i don't know which is better for me

i shall take accountancy & finance 
cause i'm in account class
but i just wish to have other way

i don't hate account
just prefer game design

i would spend all my time on a game 
and thinking if i am a game designer
i will design the game like this and that

when account comes
means headache on the way

how i going to choose?
it is impossible to take both
i'm going crazy if like that....