Sunday, 11 September 2011

eventually talked with my ex best friend
she were my best friend,i mean real best friend for that time 
not now anymore
we promised to each other will gonna be forever and honest 
but this friendship just maintain for a year
then we seperate it,cause of some problem had happened that time

okay,the point.
she confess to me about my ex boyfriend
i am so mad with it
not to her ,to ex boyfriend
she realised my ex boyfriend just perfunctory me instead of fall in love
i am not hurt broken anymore
i felt so not good and so embarassing 
when they talked about the past 
he is a liar for me right now

i totally agree with the poem 
he has such an quiet eyes
i felt that writer was so stupid 
she's blind until she don't know what is true and fake
but now i totally can feel it

my eyes are too small to see the truth
  i paid out my love and what i got?
just get perfunctory and kinda feel like living in his lies

once i thought he wasn't playboy,at least i believe it
cause i thought he really fall in love
and today everything exposure

the most embarasing is i hold back for 3 months
oh my god what a stupid action
it's killing me

errr...such a bad memories for me 
i just wish i can forget these,never ever remember it
so embarassing 

who is the bustard?
who is the stupid one?

i swear in my life
i'll never ever make the same mistake again