totally don't get it

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

i really really wonder why
everyone related with love love love

if you fell so hard why couldn't you just stand up?
instead of sitting there and crying
no ones will help you

everyone around me so loyatly
they broke up ,and they can hold it for so long
it's that just called LOVE?

if you have crush on a girl
and that girl don't even get it
just forget it
there's impossible to happen anythingbetween you and her
because she don't have any special feeling towards you
maybe you believe in one sight love,and you fall in love
but does she too?

if you broke up with your love 
then it means its time to get off in her life
but he didn't ,
he felt guilty....

he told me he get the girl in trouble
erhem i didnt ask really deep in
he really regret for what he did
and it's not over yet between he and she
i just wonder,why he don't get her back?
he said it's not over yet
since it's not over,he should try to get her back

if he don't really get her back,and why not just let it pass
regret would turn anything ? no,never ever 
the only way just swear for never did the same thing
because you knew the consequences

maybe someday he will chase her back
or maybe someday he will get a new life
all i wish just he get a better life

good luck,boys!

i don't like boys/girls acted so loyal after broke up with bf/gf
they don't appraciate that relationship and why they acted to loyal?
it's so fake
if the love gone,let it gone
cause it will never turn up again
you should blame yourself for shut it down...