Wednesday, 7 September 2011

hey,17 years old
it's time to change
it's time to be mature

solving everything with using mature way instead of
using the way like children

children are simple
when they hate someone,they would show their way
but after few mintues they forgotten everything

they don't care about the past 
when i'm 7 years old
i hate some girls but don't really hate
just don't like her attitude
but after we play together i forgot it

they showed their emotion obviously
they don't hide it like adults do

we can see through children emotion easily
but not adults
adults are complicated
they take life seriously,that's why they don't laugh as much as children do
now we are closing to it

it's time to clear the problem with mature way
friendship are not fragie like love
maybe friendship stronger
we adapt our friends style,inculsive their weakness
when they are wrong,we should point out isnt it?

if you are mad with friends,why not just tell them 
your dissatisfied about their behavior,or else

it is a better way to save your friendship
we shall give friends chance to explain it
and trust them

most people don't,they just ignore their best friends
it is so immature
maybe they are really mad 
but they still have to give their friend to explain
everyone have their way to react something
you got your way
do you ever think why she do that,
  and are you in her shoes right now?
maybe if you're in her shoes then you'll know the reason 

giving friends chance like giving yourself chance
one day,if they do like what you've done
you'll blaming them for not even give you a chance to explain it


appreciate friendship cause we have the faith to be best friends
don't let it pass easily