who will i be?

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

watched again & again camp rock,i love it so much!
i started to think who will i be?
there's so many way to choose,who i gonna be?
everytime i watch camp rock,i just feeling motivated
i want to study hard,to choose right path
it feel so good

i can reach any dreams,i know it well.
it's my life,everythings on my hand,
but is now the time for me reach the dream?
i guess not,now it's time to study hard 

no ones know what will gonna happen in my future
so there's never ending posibilities would happen to make my dream come true

i promised myself i gonna make the future what i wanna be
i gonna try everything to reach my dream

i can do it cause is my life

the movie really motivated me,and i love the song
who will i be-demi lovato
it's so meaning for me