the day in penang

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

the first day of raya 
we ran away from kedah to penang

perhaps we don't like the raya feel?
not really,just wanna go relax

mummy shop full with clothes
everyone so excited with their raya 
and they bring lots of clothes to wash
i've been there help out too
before raya,rainning non-stop
no sun no dry clothes
so they have to bring wash at dobi shop
or some just need dryer
it's super busy,
like a working bee,walking here and there
but i like it 

went to penang for whole day
but we reach there 2pm
having lunch at my favourite japanese restaurant
i love the food there much much much

hey! sunway carnival not really fun
i don't even buy a clothes
there's nothing for me
they don't have Games shop
at least i didnt saw it 

they don't have baskin robin
but just new zealand natural
i still prefer baskin robin

shop for 4 hours with cousin
i love the moment there
it've been so long 
i never see my counsin,which Study at KL
i miss her much

i saw a guy who played piano at the entrance of sunway carnival
it's so cool!
everyone standing there never move just to enjoy the music

4hours walkin,my leg cramp

i wish to take the bus go to penang
but i think my mummy wouldn't let
she's worry
one bus driver have to take care almost 45 passengers

my cousin going back to kl soon
when we gonna meet again?

oh yeah,we met another cousin too
she's so cute in sushi king's uniform
we never expect to meet her there
it's too bad for she's in working time 
she cant shop with us

did i ever mention one of my cousin is boy?
i think no
he shopped with us too
the first time i met a boy would spend time shopping with cousin
he's good cousin