Friday, 26 August 2011

i just feel my best friends she's using us to date with her boyfriend
maybe i'm over sensitive
when she sent me messages about they day we hangout
i really feel it
i just really wish it's just my prejudice

she said sunday her brother will be there,so she will not go because
she can't date there
does she ever just hang out with us instead of date with her boyfriend?
kinda disappointed.

maybe i put friendship in the important position
and it's become too important
just so unblievable what my mind thinking..

she is really a good good friend
i don't want to lost it
we are 5 in a group
which we called as..‘chamou'?
it's translated from cantonese
starting we call zharbor,then upgrade it into chamou
isn't creative?haha

if there is a thing will happen to be forever
i wish its family and friendship


AnnTan said...

yer..why she like that de?