about you,friends

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

 it passed 4 days 
finally and soon will end

tomorrow science
it's killing me,i don't even study yet
i don't like science

if the person who really love you,he/she will come back without you drop your tears
accept the fact when he leaves you and he will never turn back

i read friends' blog,they cried for boys
do everything for boys
they are not stupid,they just really love

i can see my shadow there,once i did the same way
i woke up ,and i wish they will too

she cried,and waiting that boy for 3 months 
and he came back,broke up
if the love there,it will never show break up
and he didnt even wants to see her
it's show he doesn't love her anymore

but she insist to wait,she believes someday he will come back

this isnt true love
just puppy love,don't worth anything
she remember all those words that boy told her
she cried again..
that boy promised her and he broke it

there's no value anymore,
boys words don't worth for girls to remember it
they just use it when it's good times
they don't mean it

i wish she will wake up soon,it's time to decide her future
the last chance,and never have second chance like our trials essay