Monday, 4 October 2010

Don't ever think that you are the only one who hot tempered.
everyone have their limits
don't get over it!

U know mad .same as me
u hot tempered,does not mean i must "obey" you?

u can release your angry at me.
why cant me?
u are not my master
i'm not ur pet,servant!

u know scold bad word,
u scolded,i don't
it doesn't means i dunno

all i do,just want to remain my status?..haha

at least now i feel my status is higher than urs (perasan)
u broke it,because u have a dirty mind,full with bad words!


Just a Simple Misunderstand

u made it like the big news

it is not big deal.

that is why..

i Hate you soo muchh
i even want to hit you by my fist!
i scare you
u threat!..

i thought my hate-ness to you had decrease?
now i realise
it is increase instead of decrease!

i have my limits
i know is my fault

i know i know

at least i know.

Hate you.