I'm Vege

Thursday, 14 October 2010

today it is the first day my vege.i'm going eat 3 days only..

i shocked when i know vege cannot been scold and scold people

but some kind people they are just like to "cari pasal" and make her Horse face like innocent

i'm the one who so unlucky,
she sat on my table since last week ago and my table looks untidy.
what the ..??
i sat for 10 months it was nothing
how come you sit on it and it become like a shit?

you take out my table plastic and say that it is like that when u get on it?
don't think that i'm the fool,i just sit behind you

i broke my vege rules
and i scolded everything except bad words =)

i'm so regret for sympathize you

i sympathy you when you get bullied by classmate

but now,

You are deserved to get bullied.(don't misunderstand.i'm not gengster =))

what you did to my tables

i will return you back,biatch!