Dark Sky

Sunday, 3 October 2010

it's a black day for me today..
i have a lots of thing need to solve it now
i don't want to tell everyone..

izzit that means that is my secret spaces??
i never think of i will need it ..

i thought i'm the person who will laugh always eventhough met prob'em.
but now..
i know i'm not..

I need a places let me relax..
maybe it is too tension for me??
maybe examination??
what is the problem??..

i also dunno..

i admitted..i like taylor swift's Song

Love Story

but when i heard the music start,..
my mind think of others thing
it make me moody!

when i'm going forget about this?..

i don't like the feel

i hate it..

no one will know what happened to me

i admitted i have act Emo For awhile..

i act happy..

i try to avoid the question they asked me....

my heart make me insane..
i hope tonight i will not get insomnia..

i hate the feeling that i put effort on it..
but it never get a better things..

such as examination,
that is why i never try to study while exam..

i wanted to find a place to cool down my mind
or a room full with..Novels?Games?..

i just wanted a place cool my mind..

should i speak to you ?

..who will be the listener for me??..


Just Forget it!


miss annick said...

dydy,cheers :) *if you need anyone, you can talk to me*

♥S4ndy♥ said...

:D.thanks a lot nick,i'm so glad to have a friend like youu..you touched me.:D