Thursday, 7 October 2010

Don't Misunderstand =)

i Doesn't mean to contrary anyone else.

just i cant get what is the meaning of  E.N.E.M.I.E.S?


i don't know why you could blame anything on me.
even though i never think about it.

Please don't put the blame on me.

your prob'em is yours
forever will not be mine.

you get rejected,you hurt,you cry
but doesn't mean that i'm the culprit
who wants to make you get rejected.
i'm not the one who so emotional and just because of you
i will be happy.
nah,don't think so much,
you don't have such power to control my mood

you just simply blame on me

if you get accepted,not connect with me at all
if you get rejected,also not connnect with me anything

i know you hate me
i know everything


can you just use your mind to think about it?
did i am the culprit who made u get reject??

am i got any connecttion?

i hate you simply blame on me
i hate you broken my names
i hate you everything

 i bet you good at add math but worst at Chess

just because all the things u had done are not logic at all

i think i'm innocent.:
i didnt even interrupt anything of you