Sunday, 10 October 2010

what is today date?
haha,it's 10 /10 /10

do you know?

whole world so much people married/couple today

it's a good news!bahaha..

it's seem like on a good date,sure have much people married

i hope we have a nice day too..

but it's too bad

my school havin exam
i cant go any where to celebrate it!


i will go on after exam,

i never forget about my..
personal pan pizza~!

guys,wanna hang out after school exam?

i don't think so..

other schools have exam 'plak"

Hate larkk...

i hate my handphone so much

i hate it

why must out of credit at the most important time...


i need to have a call..

tomorrow totally 'dera'  me


i'm wrong ..

it should be ..
Final Exam is totally 'dera'  me.

*nvm *nvm

it will over ~

*crazy after add maths examination

gotta go! bye ya!