The First Trip and the last.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

i get shocked when i open up the star newspaper

the title with

the first trip and the last

 it's a father let his daughter went to a long jurney trip
 he rejected his 18-an daughter several times for long jurney trip
and finally,he gives her green light this year.

a phone call around 9pm.he get the news that her daughter had involve a accident
and passed away.


while i read this,i have an instinct that i might get red light instead of green light.
maybe we can go on other times not now.
we can go with car not bus..

since i told my daddy about this trip is important to me.
i get almost everyday news about bus accident
yesterday express bus had in accident too..

i feel maybe it's my fate.
i'm felt guilty to my friends 
i'm not going..

my family will worry about me
6 days.
who knows in these 6 days what will happen?
god know.