Piranha 3D

Friday, 17 September 2010


I use RM 4 bought a disc and torture myself!..

i Bought piranha and i asked the seller izzit without cut summore..

While i opened the movie..

  I'm kinda regret for asking without cut..

i hope it is cut..

it is a movie under 18! and cinema cut it off just let under18 to watch it...

Hell!..they danced on the boat without wearing bra.and i saw their boobs moving ..

and the boat went to the middle of the lake

let the girls go inside the water...

'go inside the water do what??'


taking off their bikini *oh my God!

they are totally NAKED in the water..

the first time for me ..to watch these 18X things..

i agree with English are open-minded.
they didnt even care they are naked for the moviee..

surprisingly ..
   piranha ate all human parts included ..boy's private.

i shouted, and closing my eyes
when the piranha is attacking human..

it's a scary movie.but nice.

maybe it's too violence.

the fish.


i watched whole movie eventhough i shouted,closed eyes.haha

Good Movie.

i think it might have another piranha movie.it's not yet finish about killing the main piranha.

Good Night! :D