Black Sunday Again

Saturday, 25 September 2010

It's kinda tired to attend school in the early of morning,right?..

same goes with me.
i'm sooo jealous those didnt attend for school and have things to do..

at the same time,..
i have a lots of worry..

i dunno how to reject the others about their asking for help..
actually i dont want to help it ,not cause of my cold blood
haha,just...kinda tired

i would help you if you're really met prob'em
i wouldn't help you if you're order me to this and that
i hate people order
i'm not your servant.
you don't have the rights to order me!
As a gentleman la!!damn shit!

please respect my rights not to help you

Hope you are understand what i mean and my situation

 Loves make me feel tired,timid,escape from prob'em..

     we hurt each other without our knowledge

you control my mood,

you can change my mood easily just a single word,a simple sentences

Girls are sensitive,i am tired to pretend not sensitive

i am tired.:'(

  i pretend to be happy..
pretend nothing's happened,eventhough my hearts break obviously 

i looked back,my heart full with scratches,full with your memories..

i'm crazy,my mind non-stop pop up the moment we had together..

my tears dropping ..
my hearts never come back to me since i gave my heart to you..

you'll never understand just because you're a boy..
you are not sensitive enough like me..
you are not .
you are not.

i imagine i'm at the seaside or the top of moutain
i'm the only there..
i'm not alone,
i'm happy...

i believe i could live better without know you in my life

you are the light who shows the road..
you are the meteor who let me make a wish
you are the magician who makes my dream come true..
you are the one who ruined up my life

what shall i do next??..

i don't wanna end up our relationship
i don't wanna lose you now


the day i hate the most...

it broke my good mood

it make the day sucks..