The First Day Of Hari Raya !

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Whoo..!! In the early of morning i gotta wake up
and heading to PENANG!

When i Heard it ,i'm sooo Excited ! parents Mean Penang is Butterworth,not PENANG's make me down..

We had filled up our Stomach at restaurant in simpang kuala.then we are going to penang But Just Only Butterworth :P

When we reached Butterworth, my Relative is asking WE to go out and have a lunch??
Omg! my stomach is full!i cant stand it anymore..

They Just Went to a restaurant famous with their "Yam Rice" *it's my father Favourtie haha*

This is our lunch

I didnt ate it.just because of my stomach cannot stand it ANYMORE..:'(
  I hope i have 2 stomach,so that i can change other stomach when the first stomach is Full. :P


*Skip *Skip *Skip

 After we Finished up Our lunch,We go the SUNWAY CARNIVAL to have a walk ..

but but but...

Only my Sis,Aunt And Me.. :P

We go there just had a nothing to let us bought T-T..
Actually..I prefer megamall..:(

but..the driver wasn't me,i can't decided it...

We don't have anything to buy but..we had tasted a yummy ice~ 
We Shared it..and we chose Coffee Flavour~
it's Delicious !
After Had A walked 
we go back and prepare for the gathering At SP!
weee!it's a lucky for me!
I Love Food! :D

*At Night*

Guess what? I met My Babe!!

we quickly take photo with our phone camera,

it is soo surprise when she called my name!hahaha 

By The Way...

it's a good enviroment to have a dinner.
it is a thai Restaurant in a deep "Jungle"
hahaha,but there don't have anymonkeyss..
Full with Peoples,..while we waiting to serves 
i quickly took up the Photo
Let's see..

                                                 there is the Playground for the children

  Upper is without Air-Cond
Lower Part is With Air-Cond
 Luckily that day was my lucky day,I have my dinner at the lower partttt~:P

After the Dinner,i found my babe~and we played at the playground as i told it just now..

I just Realized that..I'M Sooo CHildish!

I like the Place so much!:)Happy meet my babe !<3 First time we meet it without tellin each other !:D

To my Babe : 
   I hope we have other chance to meet it AGAIN!it is Our FATE!
I LOVE  YOU! Muwahzz!!haha..*High*