Any Recommendation?

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Anyone Recommend Me a movie???

ah! I'm not going out to watch in the cinema which i mean it!

hahaha,maybe i had been quarantined by my lovely parents!

They are going suspect meee!!


I would love to hear some ...

Nice song? Hard Metal ? ..hmmm Soft music??


I just return to my childhood time???..

i been watched Digimon 3 days!

pokemen : ah,just start only,2moro i may watch it AgaiN!

hahahaha,Luckily Doraemon is not here..

i wanna watch some horror movie!! but i'm not going watch aloneee~

i will watch it with my doggies!--->>> there! my bb!

muahahhaah,at least..i'm not alone.

i'm sooo boring at home i wanna get out of here!!

i nid go out and have a deep breath!!>.<~

Btw,any suggestion?? of korean,japanese,or western movie?

ohh,please don't ever suggest me that kind..Adult movie :P!

i m still underage and i am Childish ~ <3