What a day!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

having 3 subject test today
but i just revision for 2 subjects
i did not know at all for the third subject

i was shocked when my teacher come in and tell us 
to clean up our table 
to start the test

after that our teacher giving us the paper,she tells us that it is open book test!
whole class was shouting YES!!
okay,let's turn back the time to recess time
after finish our breakfast (nasi lemak)
we went to toilet
while i standing there,a girl across me 
and the water on the floor go into my shoes directly
instead of apologize to me ,she acts don't know
i scolded out but not bad words..
my friend scolded me for that
if you're in my shoes,can you stand it?
probably not
if she apologize,then everything will be fine 
just say Sorry,
it's not rocket science

nowaday,most of the little girls have no more manner 
everything act nothing 
when we did it to them,and what is their reaction?
of course,scolding babi,everything
i wonder why everyone must cheating in the exam??
you don't put effort on it and hope for successful ?
you're dreaming

even though you get good grades right now,but doesn't mean you are having good grade 
in spm too


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