Camping 16-18/3/2011

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

the last camp for me i think
when i mention it to my father
he asked " aren't you promise me for not going to any activities?"
i said " daddy,that was interact not camp"
he said again " okay,this time daddy let you go for it but no more next time"
i was thinking ..
have i still have other chances to join it?
no more
even he approve it
our school going start the extra class soon 
and there will be in holidays too

i hate extra classes start ..
it let me have to hit the sack earlier
have to wake up in the morning 
there's no diffenrence with school days

kinda hate it
but nevermind 
just for a few months then...
i am really free with it 

i will appreciate this camp very much
the last camp 
there's free for join in 
it's vegetarian too


okay,it's time for me to go bed
bye ya! 
*kinda excited but i don't kow why too* 

have a nice day