My 3 days Camp diaries

Friday, 18 March 2011

3 days over so freakin fast
i haven't enjoy enought yet
kinda regret for some times i didn't appreaciate the chance

okay,the first day..
convent's girls all have to seperate into 8 different group
and i am the one soo lucky,different group,different dorm!
GOD!i sleep alone 
some peoples are wicked!they occupied my sleeping place
and move away my luggage 
they are so annoying
they still maintain their personality eventhough they get wrong "arrogant"
i became the leader of the group which name in chinese is Zhong( 忠)
there should be 25 + person in each group
but there is so much unresponbility person they registered and then skipped
so my group left 19 .
girls are shy which i also don't know why 
(perhaps they are acting?)
Kh pupils have one kind or personality 
but i don't know how to show it out
all the pupils are same personality
maybe they came from rich family,but for me
if we join in a camp,we should be ability to endure hardship
but they don't

we have 7 minutes for bathing,20 minutes for eating and more
everything we had the limits
they mutter about not enough time bathing,they have to use 20 minutes to bath..
and bla bla blaa
they're so selfish actually
i still remember last year i joined this camp too
and we just have 5 minutes to bath,15 minutes to eat
they are lucky enough but they still complain non-stop about it
everyone of them wanted to go home
teachers told them,if want to go home then quit it 
they don't want 
they are really problemistic to me

the second day 17/3/2011
my group left 17 peoples
we danced,and listen to teacher just like studying
 i felt so sorry to my parents after i listened to teacher story 
parents are granduer,they forgive us whatever fault we have done
they spent whole lifetime for us
they bring us to this world
they're not deserve to suffer alot for us but they did just because they love us
they will never tell us how tough they work
never tell us their sadness
infront of us they are forever happy

furthermore,teacher told us how suffer when our moms pregnant 
they have to overcross so much and give us birth
the day they fainted,they pain so much is the day we born out
we should treat them well (i believe everyone knew it)
we understood it ,have we make it?
i think NO.

we broke their hearts without our knowledge
all the things that they do for us ,is for our own good
they'll sacrifice their everything including their life for us
but will we?

our mom never want our retaliate..
she gives us brith
she left the best for us
she take care of us
she loves us 
she always silently pay out everything for us.
should we have to bother about how much we done to her??

their loving-kindness is we will never finish to pay back..

appreciate your parents,show them your love,
just give them a glass of water
they are happy enough
just help them massage 
they are comfortable enough
just we lift a finger
they are satisfied already..
this is what i learned from the second day of the camp 
 at the night,i'm so miss my parents
i cried out when i listen to teacher and realize my fault
i'm so sorry for them
teacher asked me to say out 
but i refuse to it..
i just wanted to cry out and kneel down
infront of them and ask for their forgiveness

the last day 18/3/2011 (finally?)
morning wake up brush teeth ,dancing (lucky don't have chicken dance)
10am i have to left this camp already
i have to go penang my grandma was sick 

i rush to arrange my luggage and 
i FORGOT bring back my shirt!
i..lost it ...

*Including new friends*

okay~! it's time for me to hit the sack!
bye ya! ^,<
and the last

I Miss the time when we're in Camp