Friday, 11 March 2011

i'm so excited with this holiday 
maybe is the last holiday for form 5 perhaps form 3 too
*i'm not very sure about it*
after march holidays,the coming holidays we are going to start our 
school class tambahan
we have NO time to rest at all
the coming holidays is like nothing to us
there is no different with school day
i don't like it AT ALL!

i think no ones will like it

this holiday not just everyday sleep at home only
we still have plenty of homework

After holiday,
our March exam is start
Moral Folio : Tugasan Seharian
we need to pass up 
BI : god,this is incredible
we have to read 2 novels in these 7 days
and make a report for it
Sejarah : Um..i think i done it but nota not at all!
Perd: my nota not even touch yet
thanks god,no account,no mathematics

and we only have 7 days to did alll..
7 days! 3 days for Camp,left 4 days!

not a holiday too
after SPM,maybe it's real holiday with no homework
and no school.
only left Freedom~!weee~

oh ya!,forget to write down about our lunch time
we finished school at 2:30pm
and guess what time we start our extra class?
3:00pm? NO
it's 2:40pm!
ONly 10 minutes to let us EAT?
when we fnish buying the food from canteen,not even eat it
we already used 10 minutes.

i hate the life with 10 minutes break for lunch time!