New Year

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Year,
Forget last year words,
because it's belong to last year,

New Year,
It's Gave me a big hope
to myself
I can fulfill my dreams or cant
it's depend on myself

it's a big pressure to myself
i know,but i have to
because it's my dream.

i lose it long time ago,
i forgot what is the feeling,
i knew i'll forget my dream if i really relaxing,
i prefer pressure instead of Relax..

i hope i really can do well in this year 2011,
i believe i can do it,
if i really want to.
bears is the one who always be my side
This Winnie The Pooh it is my Birthday present 2009
 Angie Tan Gave me This Winnie Pooh,i Love it 
i appreciate it.
We were Bestie last year..
It's A simple Bear but full with FriendshipLove
 Angie Law Gave me this bear 2009 too,
both angie give bears.
photo with bears
Jia Wen tomato Give me bear too but it's 2010
haha,i love these 3 bears
Even though just simple bear,you guys gave me
but i feel your hearts.
maybe we aren't good as last year we do
but the love still remain same.