Moral Folio at Xin Ning's House

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

         Weee.. we are showing off the bearss!!HAHAHA
*Ps: this is my favourite photo among all of the photos.

i love the bearr~!!

 ehem..i think Ning's sister might get mad to her,seriously.we ruined up her sister bed and hers..
but but but..
we have clean up too..

just worried that her sister see those photo that we ruined her bed!


Did you see the Toy Xin Ning taking? that's her sister baby..


we aren't there to play and show off that toy
we are there to do our homework MORAL

Moral Homework is the reason that we were there..

we planned it kinda long time to work it out together

since XinNing no transport and no ones can fetch so..

we turned to her house to done this jobb..

but we work around 30 minutes*hmm i  think..

then we start to taking photo as souvenir ..


started Now (without Bear at the first)

obviously,our Miss  tomato pop out her red facee againn..HAHA 
we retake again because our tomato was too late to put her style *peace xD 

Soon,XinNing took out her bear bears

some are funny,like Black monkey *ps: i don't take photo on it :'(

this is Jiawen and Mee~but Jiawen was too shy,she took away my bear...=.=

i revenge on her after she took my bearr,but no longer she hit me back and XinNing take the photo without our knowing..

PLEASE! beware of Jiawen! xD
And at the last...

 i just done 3/4 of my moral 1st Essay!! hahaha
play more than my work..

but i didn't regret xDD

i learn a lesson,don't make Jiawen Mad xD

i having a good day with them 13/12/2010

And XinNing asked me to wish

Our Nick Nick Happy birthday,she was sorry cant tell you because she cant online.

:D and Annick Birthday is on 14/12 ..which means that it's today!haha

Happy Birthday Annick,you are growing Olderr~weee xDD