Good-Bye 2010 And Sweet 16

Friday, 31 December 2010

it's time to say goodbye to 2010
it gave me  sweet 16 in 2010
i met any kind of peoples,
look through much peoples
knowing more friends 
all happened in 2010
it will stay in my memory

Welcome Sweet 17 in 2011
to me
it is an important year
it will decide my way 
my future

it's time to change myself into
more mature
more understanding
more diligent
more and more things
it is my hope.

 Happy New Year

in 2010,whole world received unlucky and maybe
it's our Earth Mother Revenge to us
keep on happening natural disaster,
it's sad to heard it.

Hope all of this will End it in 2010 Only

2011 is New Year
New Hopes
New Life
New Inspiration

At the End,

Happy New Year to Everyone