I have a super-daddy

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Hey,Everyone. This is my daddy who strong as superman . XD
Look!! he can bring up ladder by one finger,it's cool right??

guess what? ..

here is the secret..

actually that ladder not that heavy larr..

haha but i really proud to be super-dad's Daughter.hahaha

i still live in the dream that my dad built for me," He is Super-Dad.He can handle anything."

my dad is my idol,he has a good sense of humor
because of him our childhood full with laughter.he made us laugh non-stop.he can make everything looks funny.
he likes to give people some funny nicknames at the same it's match


the most important thing, he don't know Mandarin.
usually we used hokkien speak to him.but now,he is learning,he keep on using hokkien and straight translate into mandarin,he made us laugh all the time.

where he is,there is the place full with laughter.

I love him much more than everyone