A Big shock from my daddy.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sound Great ?
not a good surprise..

but before we attend the party,my dad was vomited blood..
we were so curious and worry " what's going to my dad?"

i didn't cry but i almost cry..
my mind keep on thinking like happened on TV Drama Series,they vomit blood and get the news that they are having 3rd cancel.. *don't watch too much Drama,..=.=

i cant even imagine what if we really lose my dad..
my dad told me in the car while we heading to KMC
he said ' Sand,If Daddy really happen anything,daddy told mummy to sold out all the things he got and bring us to vacation,spent it on our education"
(i was tryin to stop my tear coming out)
he continue..
"he wants us to live in the world happily,because without him our live still need to go on.."
( i cant stop my tears..i really afraid to lose him.)

i just replied him " daddy,it won't happen anything on you..god always be with us,you'll be fine"
actually,i really afraid to accept if really happened

We Reached KMC..
my daddy went to have a CT Scan his chest and throat ..

thanks god it's really nothing with my daddy,just Infection in his lung...