Tuesday, 9 November 2010

i think everyone wouldn't think that i emo.
yeah,u guys are right.hahaha

i don't like emo
if you going act emo,please leave me million miles away..

i don't like the feel,you will spoiled my mood if you acting.

i hate that person who spoiled my mood,i hope ya know . =)

if you're acting just want people's sympathy,then go act infront for those person like to comfort you

don't ever near me , i antipathy with that Emo 

i know your motive,
when you're acting,i won't go comfort you

you wanted to play as a cunning people,u don't know u hurt me deeply by this way.

yes,i admit.i get hurt!

but i won't act infront of all peoples and get their sympathy.

i like happiness instead of EMO.


this word never came out in my Dictionary.

leave me ya when you are going act