FIrst and never be end

Saturday, 13 November 2010

i had a such great time with snapynick lau,tomato Jiawen , Xin Ning, Chzeyan,Azira,Wei Ann,Amal,Nicole,darvina,moon,(for those Girls)
and we have a great time too right? Adesh,Iqbal,And Andy,ken

i love this moment so muchh..
i couldn't express how much i appreciate this moment that we had been together.

we will together play again right?

i love everyone,even though we just know each other for 6-7 months.
i appreciate all of you.

nicky,you will be with us.
no matter where you are,our hearts be with you and never leave.

once we start the friendship,we shall continue it until forever.
i hope our friendship same too.
appearance will change,but hearts to you all won't change.

wherever you are,no matter in happy/sad/emo/high,
please don't forget us.
we all are here for you.

i don't know how to express it seriously,maybe my words are kinda weird,..
but i really really like a friends like you.

i regret,when form2 i should know you,but i don't.
i regret why the year that i know you,and you are leaving..

here for you. nicky lau

i like this party,but it's too bad..
it is farewell..

but,we will meet again.

love you.