Complicated Mood

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What am i thinking of??
i really have no idea with my mind..

don't ever tell me you scare i treat u cool
you are the one who don't want to join us
 stop acting lar,geli tau tak?eshh,..

we asked you ,but you no response.
you can just come and talk,and why would you come and sit down quietly ?
what is that means??

and reach home,ask my friends why we treated you cool??

i just know you around 1 year,and i realize you are so cunning.
you have a lot your reason,that we cannot win,
you said you scare your mom,but why sometimes you can lie to her?

if you want to have a relationship with others,just go ahead.
but,don't act.

someday they will know the truth.


AnnTan said...

you had really loose trust in this friendship..i guess if you wanna mend it..must talk to her bout it..if you don't care, best to forget bout it..
jx sayin

♥S4ndy♥ said...

thanks lot for your advise,Ann Ann ^_^
just whole mind thinking with it.even though talk to her about it,still will be same.rather don't say.i told my daddy,and he asked me to don't stay close with will harm myself.