Penang Trip

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We just took our lunch at Kim Gary Sunway Carnival 
yeah,just seberang perai there. 
shopping for almost whole day there
window shopping

 Whenever i went to Kim Gary,for sure i will order
Chicken Chop Cheese Baked Rice.
it' kind of value set
it come with a dessert, drinks
and the soup!
very nice soup! 

 French Toast??
nah , it much thicker than others
we just ordered because it looks different
my goodness.

 After Finish up our Lunch, seriously we need to have a walk
super full. it's killing me
i can feel the FATS!!

i swear i'm not going to anything after the walk
but my aunt brought us to a cafe
to Lepak instead of go home..
we're just too full
but then,.. still we ordered some drinks

 Hot Chocolate
 Iced & Hot Chocolate
 Chocolate Mint Cake
then we back home, finally
we skipped our dinner,yeah cause our stomach are not able to digest 
we just ate too much of food in a day
i can no longer feel hunger 
it comes the supper!

i stayed at butterworth for a week there, and in these days 
i never feel hungry!
i can say that im fulled for everyday!
we just took early dinner around 6pm ,then lepak time at 10something
there are a lot deliecious food in midnight
for dinner and lunch
i just know for a little bit but i think for supper i know much better xD
but the problem is i dont know how to go~

the last night at butterworth
my dessert  at"Just Something"
my dessert is all about chocolate that night
the shop looks so special and there's zakka style
very special,
 it's too bad
my sister wasn't here with me
because she loves those thingsss..

Flower pot
it's a chocolate ice cream with bottom banana cake

Chocolate truffle

after finish my dessert here comes my supper..

omg i really need go gym after that grrr
anyway , i really enjoy it