Yuan Carnival

Monday, 4 November 2013

This Semester is superb!
Ntv 7 Yuan Carnival came kampar !
omg, it's like dreaming yeah. i cant believe it.
i've met a lot of the actor and actress , it makes me so excited
hahahaha, i've got John's poster too!

for nearly a month of preparation, everyday busy meeting meeting and meeting
other than that, duh my life is very boring 
 check out their creativity, for FEGT friends.
they used recycle things to make something useful, this. gonna be light.

 they are awesome isn't it? i really love it! by using aluminium can, to makes something great!

my department do produce some thing as souvernir too , check this !!
little angle keychain! made by ice-cream stick!!
this is the day-1 situation of carnival!! hahaha
finally it vcomess, we were really excited and kinda rush because until 4am we were still there to work it out !!
chuu fong are really creative person ,i guess she born with it? her talent!!
i didnt know what things she used to make this. anyway it still awesome!

you know what? the best thing in carnival is you can see actor,actress,singer ETC!

it really a bad news for me when i was in the process of clean diet LOL
i can only see , and im not gonna eat it.
i ate salad ..and then i cant control to grab a piece of pizza as my lunch !!
they army team came over here too,..we do had the chance to take M-16,which is the reason i want to go PLKN LOL

some friends selfieeee,you know that not gonna happen going anywhere without selfliee..

with my girls~!!
and the..president, my bro!
i guess i gonna stop here..its awesome
we do had some quarrel,but thenn still  grateful to meet them in my University life,
they gave me an awesome memories,thankyou for their presence in this event to let me know them