Trip To Penang Island

Monday, 23 September 2013

First time went penang island with friends, because usually i went there with my family
and one day trip 
but now we gonna stay there for 3 days!
i remembered i went to penang island  window shopping with besties last time
in 2011 i think then until todayy

street art are famous,but this is the first time i went there!
there's a lot of photo are not with me. 
grr. in the others phone.
basically, i took this for sister
she likes minion very much.
next time gonna bring her here together ! 

i've met my friends at auto-city,and i felt surprised they told me they havent take breakfast
my goodness, sorry guys

i'm not really know penang road well, except a part of butterworth 
even Bukit Mertajam.

In the end, they called another friend to bring us go take some nice lunch at penang island.
and he became like our tour guide there
seriously, thanks god, he's there. hahaha
because i dont really visit penang island frequently. zzz
the road there, changed a lot too much more prefer to one way already, very easy confused if without GPS or someone who know the road very well
he brought us to take our Brunch

after that, Street art
my goodness,you'll never know how fast we take the photos
and we walk
it's like we were rushing to somewhere else or anything
but actually, it's just the weather is too hot
it's like barbecue us !
or maybe in oven. Zzz
when it reached half way, we couldn't stand it anymore
we feeling like dehydration already, here comes a 70's stall
selling ice ball ^_^
all of just queue up and ordered the flavor of ice ball and wait
the ice ball price is normal range
there's many flavor - Sarsi, ribena,mango, lychee
and can add fruit in somemore
it just a simple ice ball
i guess we just  too thirsty 
cause we're walking here and there 
street by street to take those art on the wall
it's like heaven LOL when we tasted the ice ball.
we stop for awhile rest time
then continue it
seriously, we really really didnt take our time and walk slowly 
and enjoy it.

we were quite rushing cause we still need check in hotel,
and need follow up our next plan!
National Park

 I didnt visit, the mugshot cafe! there it is! its like in da JAIL!
hahaha sepcial theme anyway.

okay,so many times i went penang
but i never went to National Park! the first time ever!
gonna climbing again~yeah.i  like the environment in the forest
and we gonna walk our-self to the beach
we had chosen kerancut beach actually, the most far and nicest beach
and we need to crossover the canopy bridge !
that makes me excited!
 but we chosen wrong path ,and linked to monkey beach instead
if we do really want go to the kerancut beach ,we need to U-turn!
walk back again 
this is just so LOL
so end up we just play at the monkey beach 
waiting for our boat

even though we chose the wrong path but still
we've a good time together play 
we just take off our shoes and ran into the seaa
when the sea wave came, we jumped and we shouted also
and we played ...sand war ?
throwing each other and never let anyone get themselves clean
once they washed away the sand, we started to throw again

 oh ya, we had ordered a boat to fetch us too.
if not, we gonna walk back again and 
it's sounds crazy , cause when we reached monkey beach 
near 6pm already. 
we actually wanted to go light house too, but too bad
closed already!
from starting point to monkey beach 
i think it just 2km
really short distance
 we walk through the back gate of Usm too
and almost 2 Liter of mineral water gone 
when we reached monkey beach
the first thing to do is buy some drinkss!
100plus , sprite ,cola

 when we're on the boat, cause of sea wave 
keep on moving and hard to capture photo
really hard , keep on moving 
when we reached to the wooden bridge
it's our time taking photo!

the bridge seems like going collapse soon LOL
but motor still can walk on it 
eveyone of us are wet
and didnt change anything
we just use newspaper on the sofa then heading to our hotel
it's bathing time!
arghh, my neck, my ear a lot of sand 
LOL i washed it already
but still stick on my neck
grrr...imma the first one taking bath

 when clean sandy met with dirty chloe
3 of us stay in a room
ruini ,me ,and chloe
arghh this room will not be quiet!
(should be known)

Here comes the Ahlong
LOL wearing a gold necklace
Hades Chong
these moments happened
when everyone of us done our bathed
and it's going our dinner timeeee!
oh yeah, we're waiting for patrick
he's still in the shower i gues
then everyone came out 
and barged in our roomsss
i like this picturee! everyone just so happyyy!
i think 2 rooms away still can hear our voicess!
it's super duper bising
soo many voicee and laugh
when patrick's done
we knew it, our dinner time 
hahahahaa eveyone just rush out 
because we are starvinggg alreadyy

what's this?! OMG,after dinnerr!
this two fella,refuse to go back their own room
and FYI they stayed in a room
ah hak and klinsmann
grrr, 3 of us super crazy
when everyone's asleep, we went out mamak for chit-chat lagi
Zzz,everyone was tired like walking dead
my eyes even turn red and swollen
LOL and i need to wear contact lens summore
quite pain.
woke up early morning and finally tasted McWrap
Out of Expectation.
grrr. the poster in advertisement is larger than the real wrap

Taking quick breakfast i think
cause everyone of us are excited to go Escape alreadyy!!
Heyyy HOoo! is everyone readayy?!
while checking tickets, i think
taking photo at enteranceee!

look at this photo, and i knew im too kind
LOL he was showing Off 
and i still take photo, hahahaha

With the tickets? hahahaha
we just too excited to do anything here

Our first game
grrr..Coconut climb 
i think

look at them..
hug the tree,climb
tried their best to get to the top
to ring that bell as fast as possible
because this will counted in top 10

Monkey Ancestor?

Awwww..they just too love that tree uh
i even saw people can get to top within 3 seconds
my goodness, it's a monkey!
they just so pro uh, 3 second
look at my friends...
they were just hugging the tree...zzz
it's too slippery because we got nothing to hold ..

Here comes the Bungee Jump
actually in Escape 
it got another name, but i forgot

im the first one jump and i chosen 7th floor
i love the feelinggg
when i coming down, my hand's shakee!
omg i know i scared
but i love it!!

All of us just passed this bungee jump super easy, hahahah
i just shoutedddd 
i felt im free~ and slowly going down
it's not the real speed of fall down from 7th floor
there's a rope will pull us and make the speed slower
so it's not that scary.
i will go try the real bungeee jump
trust me, if you tried this,sure you will fall in love with it! hahaha

I dont know what's that
but i know that is a race, competition to across the line
you win, you will get a free coconut drinks
awww that just so nice

maybe too thirsty, they get on it but dont know how to control it
quite hard to walk on it i think
while they trying that , some of us heading to Flying Fox
i love flying foxx
you'll become like a bird~

there 4 station and end up you will back to the starter point
it's very interesting, and the speed very fast

When Chloe's back to the point
im infront of her so i got the time to take their photoss hahaha

 where are we heading now?? after flying fox

it's monkey business already
there are 3 station for every level
on the wayy~ going back to the point

Monkey Business make you get used to hang in the air
what makes that interesting is
when you wanted to let it go, dont want to play
you wan go back
but you can't 
once you going, one step on it
there's no way to return
no one can help you, except yourself
you only can step forward then only you will come back to the station
i learn that when im playing it.

even you scared, but you are in there
then you need to get over it
you must play till the end, no matter how you play
run,walk, or craw
You just need to play until the end 
once you started it

the sweet sweet couple here <thong and nigel>

yeah, i saw them climb up the top  so easy, so i gonna try it too
but end up i just stuck half way, and my hand cramped
grrr. gonna climb up to the top next time!
it's not easy as i think, cause it depends on how powerful your hand
and we just finished our monkey business,hmm just level 2
Yay here comes , my favorite again!
tubby racerrr!
hey dont look at it so easy to go up too, we were pulling the tub going up
grrrr, that time i know im out of energy already
nearly fainted LOL
thanks so much the worker inside there
they very helpful, and even help me to pull to the top
appreciate very much!hahaha
oh yeah, i recorded the video when im on the tub and coming down
FYI, the worker don't push you, they just KICK you to go down
that made me shout like watching horror movie

there's 2 path for the tubby racer
one is like a high way? lol 
straight from top to the bottom no turning
it's about the speed
and another more interesting, turning here and there
yeah i recorded the video when im on that winding path
it's nearly end of the day alreadayy~
our last activities was Discovery Dig
looking for the GOLDS
it's not real one lah
collect the 20 golds can change the nugget
argh,it's not the chicken nugget 

LOL 11 of us, so busy, why?
looking the golds
end up, sisters and brothers we just combined all the golds we found
and it;s 100+! YAY!


We just Finished all the games in escape !
eeveryone is tired but satisfied 

then Taking photo times
our shirt, from the beginning wet until the end
it's not water, it's our sweat

the brothers? they just simple pose like a model
but actually that time no one taking photo for them
just eventually found out,they sit like going take photos

Ruini and Chloe
Astley coming back with the nugget
yesh, that's called as nugget

Hey ,our Dinner of the day
after our escape park!

hmm..Pulau Tikus famous Lok Lok?
erm personal opinion here, because i dont really like to eat lok lok anyway
after our dinner, we heading to Straits Quay 
cause night view is nice, and some wanted to visit
charlie brown cafe

Look at these 3 guys

Hades, Kiraz , Klinsmann
after we munching around there, have some good time at chattime,we went back and 
Sleep Time!zzz
Rghh, Last day alreadyy
so sad uh, the time flies so fast

before going back, it's our window shopping timess
we were so busy with our activities for the 1st and 2nd day
now it;s the time for shopping!
i like this very much, we just smiled so happy

After Gurney Paragon and Gurney Plaza,we went back already
yeah, they dropped me at butterworth 
and they straight going back to ipoh alreadyy.

Guys,thank you so much giving me such memorable trip this time
and i really appreciate the friendship with you all
thank you! 
hope there's another trip with you guys again ,
i like the time when we're together 
spend the time together.
See you guys soon ! ^_^