hard work paid

Sunday, 15 September 2013

finally, im heading to degree life!
when everyone heard my result ,they will like..
Congratz finish the foundation studies and welcome to the hell (degree life)
yeah, i saw some of my friends like walking dead when the assignment was gave continuously then mid-term test.

feeling so excited when foundation result came out
i was sitting in the car and talking
suddenly, my friend told me the result came out already and did i check?
i become quiet and my heart beat fast

im worried i might failed again, keep on pray to god
and i really put my effort on it
i;m not allow myself to failed it again,
i keep on telling myself there's no way to failed, im not gonna make myself regret again because of  wasting the time 3 months
my goodness!
i opened up the result.and i PASSED!
hmm..honestly a little bit out of expectation of micro & macroeconomics
i was a little bit expect i might get A but i got B.

i shouted in the car when i saw the result, everyone get shocked ! hahaha
my parents bought me a new laptop as a gift that im leading to degree!

there's a new start in degree, because i was told that foundation result will not affect anything in degree
so i got a new life in UTAR now
ahh gonna make it the best!
i dont want to extend semester again, i know that kind of stress, low-self esteem and regret

because i knew i can get pass if i really put in effort but i run away when i felt difficult
i need to get through it yeah, i might feel free whenver i avoid it, but in the end still i need to face it

it's glad that all my friend passed their sem4
and we are going to degree together! hahaa

Imma coming !