Special Birthday

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

2013 birthday is the most special birthday i ever had

seriously, the birthday without cake!

i celebrated 5 times
the first time is with my bestie - Jovelle
before 12am, i remember she suddenly insist want to go yumcha and chit-chat
that time, because of nearly raya everyone going back hometown
i went to her room and she sang a birthday song for me, yeah i was touched that time.
because we were preparing for our mid-term next day actually.
then we went out to the road stall there bought some drinks and she treated me
i was very happy because even we're busy but she still celebrate with me :D
and actually she can just wish me the next day ,but she didnt, she purposely sang a song for me
awww. im so shy when she sing hahahaha.
thank you mou.

the second time is with chloe,ruini,kok ann,patrick,jensen,hades,lun
it just a simple dinner after my mid-term. haha.
we went secret recipe AGAIN...the cake -strawberry vanilla cake if not mistaken. treated by chloe lee

then we went bubblean , i've got treated rasberry yogurt by reinus.then we went ochado chit-chat again
they really made my day , i dont know why, i feel so happy even just a dinner like everyday we did
but today i extremely happy, i felt their hearts.

the third celebration really out of my expectation
i got a called at 12am (7/82013) means my birthday just overed!
my babe - Chooi Ling called me, and celebrate with me even my birthday is over hahaa.
and cheeleong too
she were working when i celebrate birthday at secret recipe so now she come celebrate
Just a simple bean cafe latte ,what makes me touched are she's very tired already but still come out because of my birthday. tomorrow she still have presentation to go!
we stayed at bean cafe until 2am i remember then suddenly hungry so we just went KFC at 2am
yeah,we didnt plan anything we just siting there chat and eat until 4am
my god, im going back home at the evening i remember. and i started headache because lack of sleep zzz
plus just after my test.

the fourth celebration is with my family
like usual birthday ,but this time we dont buy the cakes
cause if not mistaken ,that time almost everyone having holiday and the shops are close
so end up my parents brought me and my sister to restaurant then we celebrated there
i feel the love in the air ! hahaha, no cakes = no wishes :'(
and im still 17 means!
because i havent blow the candles!
actually, my birthday was passed so even there no celebration or anything i still happy with it
cause all i want just a simple wishes. i'm felt blissful enough already.
and my daddy called me wishes me alreadyy.hahaa
thank you daddy,mummy, sister.
Muacks! really love my familyy

the last celebration is very late and i've got cheated by shubee,krystle,simyee and jovelle
my girls gave a really big surprise
because we just finish our raya holiday so we appointment to yumcha
then suddnly shubee is coming my room want to see movie,so i just open the door for her
then show her. suddenly they barged in my room
i thought is robber! my goodness i shouted so loud and realize it was them
omg, embarrassing! they got shocked too because never expect i shouted.zzz
 the birthday card, the cakes and the two little doggies
awww..so sweet girls thank you so much !
i love the doggies! they bought the doggiess because of they scare i will miss my two little puppy at my hometown
really sweet! and i love the cheese cake! and and the cards
3D! wey! hahaha
i thought you guys forgotten.yeah. really. kinda sad when i think of that.
and i thought we're going farer and farer
since we're different course, different faculty in degree.
but they show me it's not! they still here. i've learned something and they woke me up.
it's my girls ! hey im not gonna let them leave me farer!
thank you girls thank you so much.

i really had a special birthday , all of them gave me a memorable birhtday
i really felt their hearts.
they purposely did this and that,bought present , treat me just because of my birhtday
and some still celebrate even it's over
yeah, i really felt the friendship, and i really appreciated all of these
i'm not gonna forget it !
i swear in my life, and i felt so proud to know everyone of them
they just treat me so well., even some we dont really know for long time.
it's really beyond words already, i dont know how to express the appreciation and the feeling to them .
really thank you thank you so much.
i feel so glad to have and know everyone of you in my life.