my home,i miss you

Thursday, 27 September 2012

i miss my family after i came back from genting

i miss them even though we called everyday

i really feeling pressure when i taking 6subjects and F.O.D actually advise us not to take 6
cause 90% are taking sem4.
god,>.<!i'm scared.

when i told my mom about that,she just comfort going cry when i'm down and i heard her voices.
seriously,i thank you god giving me such loving family.

i miss to hug myy daddy and told him everything and what actually happening here everyday
through phone call, it seems like so hard to tell them.i just choose to silent.

i know i'm eight-teen now ,i gonna grow up
i gonna make decision,i gonna do everything by myself and not family anymore.

my mom listen my problems,and just asking me to try my best, be strong
and i have to adapt the life here.
this is the way i chose.i have no way to return .

she telling this is just a while,soon she's coming here or i'm going back there!

only texts more photos.>.<!