Genting Trip

Thursday, 27 September 2012

1st weekend we went to genting highland with van (my 1st time)!
kinda excited.

everytime i went there with family,never tried taking bus ,train to anyplace.
i just too lazy to describe and upload..finally i publish it ~~
im gonna start with our group photo

our first game in theme park,actually we played this again and again several times!
love it so much,feel like flying

i dont remember what we play after the 1st game ,sorry i dont know what to called it.>,<

so childish,8 of us went inside and just to take photo

erm.not much description larh.
i dont even know what should i write here..

we wait for an hour just to watch 4-D
at last found out ,nothing gan jiong also de...
potong stim!

we are just like to take self photo,at last the foreign come and join us to take this photo!

Go-Kart Yeah!
i love it
just the speed little bit too slow actually..
like it like it!!
the pirate ship!

                                                                    queue...for ..???

futing and kaiyii

i almost throw my phone into the lake because of want to take this view.
thanks god! 

Snow World TIME!!

our group photo again after snow world with two little cuties~!
ting ting and yang yang
very cute!

>.<! dont know what to say alr.
just erm. i really enjoy this trip with them
thanks ya! friends.


Francis yee said...

Good Holiday..
:) Enjoyed...