Thursday, 13 September 2012

final coming and i've got no time to update it anymore
now,...sem break gonna end.

i've tried my best in final,i just hope i can pass all

when in final,my table was in a mess
full with my papers,files,etc..

finally , i got it clean when final finish
i can see my table so CLEAN!!

no idea,with my final
everyone just like asking, how's your final doing?
arughh..i dont know how to answer it.

i just ...tried my best to face it

we reached hometown 4pm!
i was listening to my music all the way from kampar to kedah
it just sooo happy to see my family AGAIN!

we just met a week ago..
parents brought us to Giant,which is very near to jiawen's house
family fetch me at jiawen's house
we just decided to have a steamboat tonight..
it just so sudden

i thought they planned,but actually not.just...suddenly

uh...everything suddenly only can do. if planned,it will screw it up !

just so happy Sem 1 final done..
coming sem 2....